1. Our sleepy button joined us for a walk into town, a yummy breakfast, and a trip to the vege market.

    Baby carriers are the best. And even better when they’re so pretty and so comfortable!

  2. Baby in glasses #engineersbaby

  4. My new baby carriers arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited!


  5. I just killed an ant that was crawling across my daughter’s face. Ugh. I hate ant season!

  6. Selfie taking is an essential skill for a modern baby #engineersbaby


  7. Missing home

    I want:
    - a sausage wrapped in bread
    - a meat pie
    - a walk on Mt Taranaki
    - cool weather
    - decent shops
    - great coffee
    - a visit to my op shop
    - kumara

  8. This face #engineersbaby


  9. Observations from my first post-natal yoga practice:


    - These giant boobs are all up in my face

    - Man, my muscles are TIGHT…

    - …Except for the ones in my core/jelly belly

    - This is AMAZING

    - Yoga is quite different without a beach ball stuck on your front

    - Six yogaless weeks is too many

    - Savasana lying on my back is pretty much the best

    - This needs to become a regular occurrence!

  10. Post sleep in selfies #engineersbaby