1. One Month

    In true new-mama style, I wrote most of this post on the appropriate day, and then got interrupted by a hungry baby.  So this post is actually posted the day after the fact, but the sentiment remains the same!

    Today we are wishing our wee girl a happy one month “birthday”.  And already we can see just how much she has changed.  She has grown weight (from 4.43 kg at birth to 5.25 kg a week ago)…

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  3. This wee dot is getting strong!

  4. Our chunky monkey. #engineersbaby

  5. did-you-kno:

    The structure of an enzyme that causes a disease similar to AIDS in monkeys was resolved in 2011 by people playing an online game about protein folding called FoldIt. While researchers had been working at solving the problem for 13 years, the gamers had it solved within three weeks.



  6. "And there is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful."
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  7. Consumed

    Consumed http://wp.me/s2WURu-consumed

    I wouldn’t call our little koala baby particularly difficult. But she is a newborn, and thus makes it difficult to get much else done.


    I am now fully into the “stay at home mother” role, with my Mum back in New Zealand and The Engineer back at work. And honestly, I just don’t know where the days go. I sometimes have a couple of naps with the wee one. But mostly I am just feeding, settling, and…

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  8. The “gotta be extra cute to make up for yesterday’s screamfest” look.


  9. I have officially been taken over.

    When I got pregnant I was surprised by how quickly and how completely it took over my body and mind.

    But that was nothing compared to actually having the baby. I am officially obsessed, and I pretty much entirely belong to this squish. Every picture I take is of her, most of my conversations are about her, heck most of my thoughts are about her.

    My mind and my life have been consumed, and I’m totally okay with that (though I do hope it’s temporary - eventually I would like to do/think about some other things)